Terms & Conditions

General Information

These Terms and Conditions apply to the services and contracts provided by Stichting Harbour Hop. By registering, booking your ticket and attending Harbour Hop you consent to:

  • The Terms and Conditions of Harbour Hop.
  • Any photographs taken during Harbour Hop to be used for future promotion and might appear on Facebook and other media.
  • Behave according to our Code of Conduct.
Registration and workshops
  • Filling out the registration form for the event does not guarantee participation of Harbour Hop. After registration everyone is placed on a waiting list and taken off it on first come, first served basis.
  • Your ticket(s) will only be confirmed after the payment is completed (within 7 days of being moved off the waiting list).
  • The priority in being taken off the waiting list is assigned to participants registering as a couple (only applicable to Full Pass Lindy Hop). Both participants have to fill the form separately; the leader registers first as “leader in a couple”, and the follower uses the booking ID of the leader to complete the couple’s registration registering as “follower in a couple” – within 24 hours of the leader’s registration. If the follower fails to register on time the leader will lose the status of “Leader in a couple”, becoming a “Leader”. The leader and the follower in the couple must be in the same level and confirm their booking, in order for the couple registration to be valid.
  • You can register for one ticket in one booking. If you wish to purchase more tickets, it is possible through a new registration booking.
  • If you register for an extra solo class (in Full Pass Lindy Hop) and the class is sold out by the time of registration, this extra option will be removed from your booking before you are invited to complete the payment.
  • If during the workshops teachers conclude that you belong in a different level, we reserve the right to change your level.
  • Harbour Hop takes every effort to ensure the safety of the event participants. We have a zero tolerance policy towards behaviour that may pose a threat to the life, health or safety of others. We kindly ask anyone who witnesses such an event to contact the organization or designated safety person immediately.
  • Harbour Hop is not responsible for any damage or loss of personal goods during the workshop.
  • Harbour Hop cannot be held liable for any physical injuries incurred during the event.
  • The organization does its best to keep a satisfactory balance lead/follow in class.
  • Harbour Hop reserves the right to make reasonable changes to the schedule before and throughout the event.
  • Harbour Hop covers the cost of money transfer only when the payment is made by bank transfer in SEPA format.
  • The following payment methods are available:
    • Bank transfer
    • iDeal
    • PayPal (extra fee applies)
    • Credit card
Cancellation policy
  • Your ticket will be confirmed if we receive the payment within 7 days of moving you off the waiting  list. If the payment is not completed within those 7 days, your registration will be cancelled.
  • If we receive an incomplete payment we reserve the right to cancel your registration.
  • In case of cancellation by the participant no refund will be given under any circumstances.
  • If for any reason you have to cancel your registration, you can sell your ticket and transfer your registration to another name, at the same level and the same role as you. Please make sure to edit the booking details up until 3 days before the event and email the organization at harbourhop@gmail.com.
  • If for any unforeseen reason the event is cancelled more than six weeks prior to the event, 70% of the ticket will be refunded. If the event is cancelled less than six weeks prior to the event, no refunds can be made.
Video and Photography Recordings
  • Any recordings of workshop content require approval of the teacher. Duplication or distribution of the content of workshops is only allowed with the permission of the teacher(s).
  • Participants always have the right to inform the photographers or videographers at the event that they do not wish to be recorded.
  • By registering for Harbour Hop every participant agrees to the use of any pictures or video material from the event for the purpose of public reporting on the event or the promotion of future events, including social media and the Harbour Hop website. This consent includes also the consent to the use the recordings on our web pages.

Registration opens on November 30 at 18.00 CET.

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