Raise your sails and set course for Harbour Hop 2022!

May 28th 2022, Harbour Hop returns with a special mini edition!

Save the date and join us for the biggest swing dance event in Rotterdam, a day filled with various refreshing and fun workshops and a marvelous party!

Get inspired and hop onto the waves created by great music, amazing teachers, tons of dancing and loads of fun at one of the most beautiful venues in the biggest port city of Europe.

For the most up-to-date information about Harbour Hop 2022, please go to our facebook event page.

Registration is CLOSED.

Party tickets are still available at the door of Zalmhuis! (20 euro, PIN only)

Experience Harbour Hop

Join us (again) for an amazing day of fun; meet friends, old and new, and dance the night away to make memories together...

This year with...

  • Elle Brenecki
  • Joris Focquaert
  • Danimé
  • Pop-I
  • Quinty
  • Jeroen Wolfs
  • Becky Tomas
  • Deirdre & Joost (Slowfeet studio)

Music by...

  • The Blue Ramblers
  • DJ SwingAnneBounce
  • DJ SuperHeidi

Read all the artists’ stories here, and get inspired as we are!

Harbour Hop 2022 Party

  • May 28 2022, 21:00 - 02:00
  • Zalmhuis, Schaardijk 434, 3064 AM Rotterdam

The Party will be held at the marvelous Zalmhuis, an Art Nouveau Beauty with a marvelous view of the river Maas and a beautiful wooden floor!

With live music from The Blue Ramblers.

How to get there?
  • Use public transport from Central Station. For fares and routes see: www.ov9292.nl or www.ret.nl.
  • Hire a bike. About a 20 min bike ride from Rotterdam Centraal Station.
  • Carpool with a group.
  • Take a spectacular water taxi ride to the stop Rivium – you will not regret it!!!

Harbour Hop 2022 Tickets

PARTY TICKET (price online: €17,50, at the door: €20,00)
FULL PASS TICKET (price: €70,00)

With the Full pass ticket you have access to the party and the workshops.

Workshops Content
In total you will get 4 hours of class: 2-hours class with Elle Brenecki & Joris Focquaert +  two 1-hour workshops.
You can choose from the following 6 topics for the 1-hour workshops:

We’ll do our best to get everyone in their top choices! Depends on availabilty.

This year there are no levels. For some workshops, certain skills/techniques are required.
There is no couple registration this year.

Read the teachers stories here.

Workshop Location: Jan Prins School (Verlengde Nieuwstraat, 3011 GM Rotterdam)

Workshop Schedule

Workshop Descriptions

The pleasures of Swing: Individual expression and creativity.

Individual identity, self-expression and playfulness evolving around everyday life, are key elements central to African-American dances. We all have something unique to bring to the floor, to share and create with others whilst still remaining true to the roots of Lindy Hop.
Joris and Elle will facilitate this creative process through fun exercises, and are excited to see what the class can build, jam and inspire together. Are you ready to be surprised?

As a swing dancer, stepping out of your comfort zone can inspire you to try new things on the dance floor. Therefore we have workshops that really cross over into new territory. This workshop will give you an introduction into popping, a dance that originates from the 1970s funk music era. It’s closely related to hip hop dancing. Text doesn’t do it justice, so check out a video of popping to see what it’s all about.

As a swing dancer, stepping out of your comfort zone can inspire you to try new things on the dance floor. Therefore we have workshops that really cross over into new territory. This workshop will give you an introduction into afro. Teaching you new rhythms and movements that could help you branch out and be more creative in your dancing.

In this workshop you will learn the basics of tapdance by working on rhythm, improvisation and choreography. You will dance and make music with your feet, all at the same time!

Welcome to the world of rhythmical expression and conversation! In this workshop we’ll go beyond the moves and get inspired by (and inspire!) our dancing partner in order to make every dance special and unique. See you there!

Styling does not exist, but style does. In this class we’ll focus on tools to create endless possibilities to express ourselves in jazz dance, and move away from the idea that there are standard ways to dance jazz steps. Be ready to unleash your creativity!

In this workshop we’ll explore working with delays in rotational movements. We’ll use different kinds of connections to explore our options in communicating the delays through our body. The inspiration that this workshop will give you can be used for all of your swing dances. This workshop is perfect for anyone with at least intermediate Lindy Hop, Balboa, Slow Bal or any other kind of Swing dance experience. Shoes with a slippery sole advised (leather or suede)