Harbour Hop

15, 16 & 17 March 2024 in Rotterdam

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Welcome to the Harlem Renaissance

Over the last few years we, like many others, have thought long and hard about our responsibilities in this community. Swing dance is an integral part of Black American culture and if we are to enjoy these dances, we should also understand and appreciate where it comes from. Arts are a major aspect of the culture they sprang from, which is why we have chosen to highlight this important period in the development of Black American culture and its arts.

More on this years' focus

  • Alina Sokulska

    Alina Sokulska

    Solo Jazz
  • Thanh Thanh Nguyen

    Thanh Thanh Nguyen

    Solo Jazz
  • Jason Hsu

    Jason Hsu

    Lindy Hop
  • Katie Cobalt

    Katie Cobalt

    Lindy Hop
  • Vassiliki Papadopoulou

    Vassiliki Papadopoulou

    Lindy Hop
  • Viktor Lillard

    Viktor Lillard

    Lindy Hop
  • Roosmarijn Prins

    Roosmarijn Prins

    Speciality Class
  • Happy Feet Orchestra

    Happy Feet Orchestra

    Friday Band
  • Jake Walker

    Jake Walker

    Saturday Band
  • The Hi-Stakes

    The Hi-Stakes

    Sunday Band

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Registration is open for what proves to be another amazing edition. If you want to be sure of a spot, make sure to register sooner rather than later.

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