We've found some of the most ispiring teachers around to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with you.

  • Alina Sokulska

    Alina Sokulska

    Solo Jazz

    Alina's approach to dance has formed from her history of collaborating with jazz musicians and performing with improvisational music live. This experience has shaped her movement language and pushed her to elaborate on her approach to the performance, practice, and pedagogy of dance improvisation and spontaneous composition.

  • Thanh Thanh Nguyen

    Thanh Thanh Nguyen

    Solo Jazz

    Stumbling upon Lindy Hop in 2016, Thanh Thanh has since embarked on an incredible journey brewing her passion for the dance into her life compass. Her love for body movements and funky grooves has grown and rooted deeper with the rich sound and stories of jazz shared in Saigon Swing Cats, her home scene in Vietnam.

    Since moving to Europe in 2021, Thanh Thanh has advanced her dance skills and expanded her understanding of contemporary dance culture. Now residing in Paris, she is eager to showcase her dance to any vibrant rhythm. In her classes, she promotes self-exploration and improvisation, emphasizing the importance of African American Jazz dance roots.

  • Jason Hsu

    Jason Hsu

    Lindy Hop

    "Be sassy and be jazzy!" Freedom of expression characterises Jason's teaching and dancing! Jason will show you not only the ways you can connect to the music and express yourself through improvisation but also how to feel free to do it. That's the main value you will get from Jason!

  • Katie Cobalt

    Katie Cobalt

    Lindy Hop

    Katie is known for her classroom energy, musicality, and infectious enthusiasm for all things Jazz. When it comes to dance, she deeply values self expression and fully committing to the idea. As a teacher, she focuses on individually helping her students on their own dance journeys and finds so much joy in seeing them grow.

  • Vassiliki Papadopoulou

    Vassiliki Papadopoulou

    Lindy Hop

    Vassiliki has been dancing since she was 8 years old, starting with classical ballet, followed by contemporary, ballroom and Latin dances. At the age of 19, she found her passion in Lindy Hop and Vernacular Jazz, which charmed her with the energy and creativity that characterises them.

    She loves teaching, performing and competing. In lindy hop and authentic jazz dances, she finds freedom, energy and joy. For her they are a way of creative expression and a constant source of inspiration.

  • Viktor Lillard

    Viktor Lillard

    Lindy Hop

    Over the years dance has taken Viktor where he never dreamed he would go, and the varied influences he discovered have helped him develop a unique flavour to his dance. He uses his musical knowledge and his thoughtful creative outlook to help students both become comfortable in their basics and expand their boundaries. Above all, he absolutely loves to share his musical and flowing style of swing on the social floor, and he encourages all dancers to feel the music and have fun!

  • Roosmarijn Prins

    Roosmarijn Prins

    Speciality Class

    At age 14, a documentary about Sammy Davis Jr. sparked Roosmarijn's passion for tap dance. She expanded her dance repertoire by joining tap classes in addition to her contemporary and ballet lessons. After graduating from Codarts' dance teacher department, she embarked on a journey across Europe and to New York to learn from renowned tap dance figures.

    Roosmarijn believes tap dancing transcends mere movement; it's about creating music with one's feet. She incorporates a diverse range of music styles, from hip hop to salsa and jazz, into her teaching to expose students to the vast expressive potential of tap. Her approach emphasizes not just technique but also the joy and rhythm inherent in the dance, encouraging students to improvise and find their unique sound.

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