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Anna Forss and Jakob Bergelin

Anna and Jakob started dancing separately when they were 9 and 10 years old, and joined the Swedish dance Bugg before they began with Lindy Hop about 3 years later. Dancing Lindy Hop, however, became the main focus when they started dancing and competing together in 2010. Nowadays they are based in Uppsala, Sweden, were they work-full time with dance.

The style of the Savoy ballroom dancers is their big inspiration which is reflected in both their way of dancing and teaching.

They have several merits both nationally, in Sweden, and internationally. The latest ones are 1st place in Lindy Strictly AllStars and Pro Showcase at ILHC and 1st place at the Swedish Championships two years in a row.

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Fatima Teffahi

Rhythm is her business!

Fatima started to tap dance in Brussels, her hometown, in the late 1980’s.
Her style is strongly jazz related and deeply rooted in the 1930’s and 1940’s tap and authentic jazz tradition.
Since several years she is teaching all over Europe and since the fall of 2002 she is living in Stockholm where she is an active member of HARLEM HOT SHOTS, one of the driving forces behind CHICAGO Swing Dance Studio.

Improvised or choreographed, authentic jazz is rhythmical, playful and full of character – you just have to add a bit of your personality to make it complete. Jazz steps are the foundation of classic routines like the Big Apple, Trunkey Doo and Shim Sham Shimmy, as well an integral part of your Lindy Hop vocabulary. A good lindy hopper is a good jazz dancer.

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Kathleen Murphy and Stephen Atemie

This duo is dancing up a storm in London and they are ready to bring it across the Channel! Kathleen began swing dancing after watching dancers through the window of a pub in North London. Having originally trained in contemporary dance, Kathleen picked up lindy hop quickly, became addicted (as everyone does!) and exchanged contemporary in favour of jazz and swing outs. Stephen has always been a mover, training in Parkour and Wing Chin Kung Fu for several years from university before eventually finding swing dancing. Now dancing and teaching Blues as well as Lindy Hop. Not shy of performing, they have danced with The Dinahs, Jazz MAD, The Skyliners, The Brat Pack and The Down and Outs, representing London whole-heartedly. Individually they have performed and competed at festivals in London, Brighton, Valencia, Montpellier, Seoul, and U.S.A. Kathleen and Stephen have been teaching for Swing Patrol London for several years and have travelled to work with charities including Epic Arts in Cambodia and Sing Inchanga in South Africa to work with local children & young people across their own dance styles and lindy hop. Known for having the biggest smiles in London, these two take pride in their passion for allowing people to believe in themselves when they dance. With an emphasis on creative and fun ways of embracing the dance and finding your groove, they are both super excited to be part of Harbour Hop this year! Excitement is contagious!

Aniko Kalman

After trying out several different dance styles (ballroom, classical ballet, contemporary and tap dance), Aniko discovered Lindy Hop and jazz roots in 2011 in Budapest. It was love at first sight!

Shortly after she started taking classes and joined the local performing team. She moved to Paris in 2015 where she has been working as a teacher both in Lindy Hop and jazz roots ever since. Apart from teaching, performing and choreographing are her two other passions which she actively practices on a regular basis.

What she really loves about swing is its instant happiness effect! For her, there is no way to escape the infectious joy this dance is spreading! The creativity and the connection between two people who - together - create their very own and unique two and a half minute story, is really precious! You can be an extrovert or a little shy - it doesn't matter. So join her during Harbour Hop, bring on your personality and discover your creativity!

Enjoy watching her dance!

Bands / DJs

The Hop Sh Bam DELUXE

This excellent swing band from Ghent, Belgium, brilliantly guided by Marie-Anne Standaert (trp/voc), has most probably already made you move and groove at different festivals and parties, in Belgium and far abroad. The DELUXE edition of The Hop Sh’ Bam Connection means more horns, more steaming riffs, more variation in sound, more tremendous soloists, more colors, more spirit, more grooves... double number of musicians... more big band sound... more WOW!

This band plays the real swinging stuff from the early 1920's to the late 1950's. Their biggest inspiration comes from the sounds of the repertoire of the marvelous NYC ballrooms of those years, for example the Savoy Ballroom. They play the beautiful melodies of the Swing Era, but also some riff tunes of the exciting big band charts, or even tunes of the New Orleans repertory.

Are you curious?! Let’s party with The Hop Sh’ Bam Connection DELUXE!

Let’s Be Gypsies

Think Peaky Blinders, smell the smoke of cigars and hard liquor, a shifty night club vibe… The Gypsy Quartet “Let's Be Gypsies” plays music in the spirit of their big inspirator Django Reinhardt reinventing the genre by combining instrumental arrangements with vocals. They also play contemporary music in the authentic sound of the 1930's. “Let's Be Gypsies” XL includes “MTM Hornsection” adding a vibe and a collective of lindy Hop dancers bringing eye candy to the stage. An instant Hot Club feeling, that’s what “Let’s Be Gypsies” bring to you during their performances! Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grapelli, the Rosenberg Trio, and the unmistakable "La Pompe", they play the pearls of the inventive gypsy jazz genre and prove that its legacy is immortal.  Where Django Reinhardt was praised for his enriching imprint on the gypsy music, “Let’s Be Gypsies” inherited this quality by making a unique arrangement of every standard. The addition of vocals from Erik Koning (violin player) and Roy de Rijke (solo guitar player) are a fresh breath for the gypsy jazz repertoire. They take you on a journey through decades of family traditions.

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