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Rotterdam, besides being the biggest port city of Europe, is a modern hub where innovation and inspiration are met. Rotterdam city centre rebuild gave rise to some spectacular and iconic works of architecture. When visiting Rotterdam be sure to visit landmarks such as:

  • Erasmus Bridge: enjoy the city’s skyline (and a view of what we call ‘Manhattan on the Maas’)
  • The Cubic Houses: wonder how you would decorate such a place.
  • Markthal: try out different foods.
  • Delfshaven: experience the old section of the city.
  • …and much more.

A mixture of both new and old sights in Rotterdam, makes a stay in the city quite memorable. Truly, Rotterdam is a metropole in the making. We hope you will enjoy the city as much as we do! Both The New York Times and Lonely Planet have recommended Rotterdam!

Rotterdam: How to get in?

When you fly in to the Netherlands, you can arrive either at Schiphol airport, Rotterdam-The Hague airport, or Eindhoven Airport. If you are travelling by public transportation from the airport, we advise you to use the NS journey planner for the time schedules.

Rotterdam: How to get around?

In Rotterdam you have access to several means of transport such as the tram, bus, metro, bike and water taxi.

  • Want to go by bus/ tram/ metro? The bus, metro and tram belong to the same company, the RET. You can buy for example a 2 hour ticket (3,50) or a day ticket (8,00).  Another useful resource for planning your journey using public transportation.
  • Want to rent a bike? Rotterdam is a very friendly city towards cyclist; there are a lot of bike lanes and there is a lot of space. So for the real Dutchie experience, check this website for options for bike rental.
  • Want to travel by water taxi? The water taxi is a fun way to explore Rotterdam from a different side. If you want to make use of the water taxi, you need to book beforehand on their website.
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In Rotterdam there are many options for accommodation. Here is a small selection of hostels and hotels that are relatively close to all the venues.

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